Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Judy Miracle is a retired teacher, principal, and Gold Star Mother.   As an educator, she taught in the Montessori method, taught Gifted and Talented students, taught US. History, World Geography. and Math in 6-8th grades and served as Elementary Principal in the private school setting. She also taught men and women in the prison system, preparing them for their General Education Diploma, learning as much from them as she taught.   She is grateful to have had the opportunity to touch students, providing them with support as they mature into confident, capable citizens. 

After retirement, she was an adjunct professor in the Teacher Education Program at the University of Michigan, where she earned her own Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree some years before.  She earned her Masters in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College.  Teaching teachers how to manage a classroom is most difficult, but always rewarding when you see the smile on new professionals’ faces as the students arrive in the morning, ready to learn.  

Judy enjoyed living in the rural area of Oakland County, raising her seven children in the clean air where they could freely ride their bikes to visit their friends.  She taught them to raise vegetables and enter them in the 4-H Fair.   She supported them in their educational and athletic endeavors, serving as a tutor for them and their friends and taxi service as well.  She encouraged them to get part-time jobs to learn life-skills: how to dress and carry on conversations with the customer, how to budget their time, and how to save money.   

Faith was an important part of her life, her beliefs, and this was an important avenue to teach her children some important virtues: patience, honesty, service to others, persistence, and integrity.  

Judy became a Gold Star Mother on July 5, 2007, when her youngest son made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the Army in Kunar Province, Afghanistan.  He was KIA after his unit was ambushed in the Hindu Kush Mountains there, less than thirty days in the country.  She has had the opportunity to speak in the local community about her son’s service in the Army,   

In addition, her son’s sacrifice continues to be honored through care packages named, Miracle Boxes. Since 2007, thousands of boxes have been and are continuing to be sent to deployed military men and women overseas.  Another project is Miracle Quilts, handmade quilts sewed and sent to disabled veterans.   

Judy is a fledgling writer and is working on her memoirs, planning to publish in 2021.  Her “Words of Wisdom” will be evident throughout the pages.    

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