Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Welcome to “The Fifth Seat”, in this episode Internist Medical Doctor Chad Savage joins our panel to discuss Covid 19, masks, and other important issues. Do you want to know what the constitution says about supreme court nominations by Presidents this late in their term or this early in their election? What about Washington D.C. or Puerto Rico becoming a state within the United States? How about election integrity, do you doubt the integrity of our nation’s election? Do masks really work? How is Covid effecting our children? Are there better plans to medical health care then the government or public option? Ever wonder how health insurance prices were created and mandated? Well join us today as Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry, Gold Star Mother Judy Miracle, Adjunct Professor and Christian Apologist Kristina Karamo, Marine Veteran and Independent Presidential Candidate Joe McHugh, and Michigan Teacher Dr. Laura Lovasz with special guest Dr. Chad Savage Internal Medicine Medical Doctor as they discuss these topics and provide both fact and opinion in this new age restorative American dialogue, come and join us, pull up a seat as we enter “The Fifth Seat”.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1 Dr Chad Savage”
  1. I want so badly to watch this, but I cannot do it with this guy on your panel! Sorry! There is a difference between having an opinion and thinking your word is law, he quite obviously thinks he is the only one whose opinion counts…. if he could argue without being RUDE, SNIDE, COCKY, and NAME CALLING it might be a different story! Screw him!

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