Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Welcome to “The Fifth Seat”, in this episode WMUZ host Bob Dutko “The Bob Dutko Show” joins our panel to discuss:

  1. Riots, not the Protests but the RIOTS with Kyle Rittenhouse and Jay Danielson
  2. Should a 17-year-old been drove across state lines with a firearm?
  3. Just because Kyle was across state lines does not mean he loses the right to protect himself.
  4. Is it oaky for minors to hunt with rifles but not defend property or protect others with firearms?
  5. Both ends of the spectrum have bad actors on both sides is what we are made to believe.
  6. People believe that using bravado with open carried guns is meant to be a show of force to intimidate people, what do you think about that?
  7. ANTIFA was going to target local communities around Grand Rapids.
  8. Local Police Chief supported the 2a by supporting citizens of his small community in showing a position against ANTIFA and two days later that Chief of Police was relieved (fired from his job) of his post for supporting the second amendment.
  9. The Second Amendment allows citizens to bear arms period.
  10. We have the right to defend ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities.
  11. Kyle Rittenhouse weapon was positioned towards the ground when he was attacked by his aggressors.
  12. Jay Danielson was assassinated by who ANTIFA, BLM, or was it the CIA or perhaps all three?
  13. A lot more than meets the eye with Jay Danielson killed by Michael Reinoehl who was then killed by the US Marshals. So, know one knows why Michael Reinoehl assassinated  Jay Daniels through what appears to have been an organized hit and Michael Reinoehl is a military contractor but instead of being arranged for trial he was assassinated by the US Marshals. Jay Danielson was murdered for being a Trump Supporter and Michael Reinoehl was assassinated by the US Marshals for his alleged murder of Jay Danielson. Additionally, Michael Reinoehl was denied a trial and was assassinated instead.
  14. What is qualified immunity, and does it protect elected and government officials from being charged for criminal actions?
  15. In 1945 after WWI, President Truman passed the National Security Act that organized the intelligence apparatus. In 1947 the CIA act was passed. The CIA act allowed the basic act of no accountability. Under the CIA Act, the CIA does not have to report an account to Congress, they are not held accountable to the US Congress despite being an intelligence agency of the United States. The CIA has no supervision, despite the ability to raise their own funds and recruit their own personnel and there is no recourse to the CIA. So, any actor of the CIA has immunity under the CIA act of 1947 regardless of whatever crime they chose to commit. The only exception is if they are caught committing a state crime then they are accounted too by that state.
  16. We need to have transparency at all levels, because the government works for the citizenry and they do not own the citizens despite their best efforts too.
  17. The founders of the BLM organization that collets millions of dollars stated that they are a Marxist movement.
  18. BLM is continually calling for violence.
  19. People that are rioting are being manipulated to do so because we do not have transparency and we do not know who owns our money.
  20. Government officials that have broken the law need to be held accountable.

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