Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

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Tired of “He said, she said” reporting that passes for “news” today?

Alarmed at the political bias and censorship evident in our media?

Looking for rational, data-driven solutions to today’s most vexing policy issues?

Eager to expose the hidden agendas of our elected officials?

If so, you’re gonna love LetsFixStuff.org.

At Let’s Fix Stuff, you not only get the news stories that are difficult to find in the mainstream media or via Big Tech, you also get solutions to the problems they seem to exacerbate.

Let’s Fix Stuff was founded by an aerospace engineer…who also served eight frustrating years as a State Senator.  This is a very rare experience combo.  He not only understands how to build space stations, he also knows how to build rational, data-driven policy solutions…and do so in the light of day not behind closed doors.

How is it done?  Check out the video “How we fix stuff at Let’s Fix Stuff”.

We believe you will find this approach to public policy solutions refreshing. 

If you agree and would like to promote transparent, agenda-less solutions, join the Right Stuff Club.   For only 16 cents per day, Right Stuff Club members have access to detailed “Engineer Version” solution podcasts complete with their footnotes and analyses not available to the general public.  Plus, by joining, you help fund the development of a politically neutral collaborative platform which will enable you to participate in the definition and evolution of policy solutions.

Sign up for the Right Stuff Club now, enter the Promo Code “Friendship7” and you will also receive a special gift.

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Remember, for only 16 cents per day, you can be part of a movement to restore rational thought to the halls of government across America.

America needs solutions not more problem ping-pong by our elected officials.

Start promoting solutions NOW by visiting LetsFixStuff.org and joining the Right Stuff Club!

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