Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

About “The Fifth Seat”

“The Fifth Seat” prides itself on addressing hot topics that effect our lives in the political spectrum. Our topics are approached from multiple perspectives and compared to the constitution in every way possible. What is the purpose of the government, to protect the people, to rule over the land, to make decisions for us? Well tune in as we discuss what the true purpose of the government is and how it was defined by the founders of America not by corporate conglomerates or biased massive media companies but instead by everyday people who are passionate about freedom and America. Every week we release a new episode with an expert in a wide array of subjects and fields as we explore what we are being told on prime time and what we really think is going on. So grab a refreshment and pull up a seat as you join us here on “The Fifth Seat”. And as always, remember to like, comment, subscribe, follow, promote, and tune in.

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